The Story

Born in the Swedish south, Frank was raised on american music. Merle Haggard, Elvis, Jimmie Rodgers and George Jones was played on the stereo by his father (who goes by the nickname Daddy Frank from one of Haggard’s songs). Frank started playing guitar quite late in life, and fiddle and mandolin even later, but this has not hindered him from writing some of the best Americana this side of the new millennium. He has taken his name inspired by John Dilleshaw who performed under the name Seven Foot Dilly. The interesting thing is that Dilleshaw wasn’t really seven foot tall. He was only 2 meters just like Frank.

Frank at his old family home (photo Pär Hyberg)

Even though Seven Foot Frank was imagined as a solo project he now performs as a duo with the very talented Cousin Luke who plays banjo and mandolin.

Cousin Luke joining on the banjo (photo Pär Hyberg)
Frank and Luke having a laugh (photo Pär Hyberg)

Seven Foot Frank explores the musical idioms of america’s depression and prohibition and creates a parallel timeline in which the 1920’s never ended.